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12 Preparations for Selling

Twelve Things You Can Do Now to Prepare Your Home to Sell

There are several things that you can be doing right now to make sure your house is ready to be showcased and sold.  First and foremost, it goes without saying that you should depersonalize as much as possible and a must is to de-clutter and then CLEAN, CLEAN and CLEAN

This goes for the every interior room and living space as well as the exterior of the house, the yard and the garage. This list includes specifics that are most commonly identified during the ten day due diligence inspection period.  These are important activities that you can do ahead of time in addition to de-cluttering and cleaning.  And be very honest with yourself, if you are not a licensed contractor, some of these items you will need to hire a professional to do the work.  It is far easier to do these activities ahead of time versus during the time sensitive and pressure period of due diligence.  We would highly advise you hire a reputable home inspector who can identify most of the items on this list for you. 

Our website has a list of Trusted Professionals that we can recommend. Here is the page on our website where you can access the list.  http://goo.gl/jUe51Y  

1. Heating and Air Conditioning

Inspect prior to both the spring and fall seasons and have the HVAC system serviced and maintained as required.  Be sure to have the duct work checked under the house that it is all sealed and secure from the main trunk and all auxiliary feeds into every room.  Passing and HVAC inspection prior to closing is critical for all buyers.

2.  Air Filters

Clean or change air filters monthly in your central heating and air conditioner, furnace and/or heat pump.

3. Roof

Have the roof inspected and identify anything that might cause leaks or problems such as loose or missing flashing, nail pops and loose or missing shingles.  In the attic, look for stains and discoloration, as well as wood rot/deterioration in the plywood sheathing. Repair all items identified in the roof inspection. Be sure esthetically that all leaves and pine needles are blown off from roof to improve curb appeal and stop potential shingle staining.

4. Gutters and Down Spouts

Inspect and clean all gutters and down spouts on a regular basis, particularly in the fall with the accumulation of leaves and pine needles.

5. Home Exterior

Inspect condition of siding, paint, masonry, sub-floor and trim.  Pay close attention to wood trim around exterior entrance doors, garage door casings and all windows.  Have the wood replaced in all damaged or deteriorated areas.  This item alone can be cause to fail the CL-100 inspection for termites and wood damage.  Passing the CL-100 inspection is critical for all buyers as well as being able to obtain financing in many cases.

6. Doors and Windows

Inspect to verify all doors and windows have proper operation, security and that they are weather resistant. There should not be any broken or cracked windows.  Buyers expect that all windows will open, close and latch properly and that there are not any broken panes of glass throughout the home they are looking to purchase.

7. Walls and Ceilings

Inspect surfaces and make repairs to any stains, holes, scratches and/or cracks as needed.  Ceiling stains will alert a buyer to a prior or active leak.  Make sure it is remediated before repair and refinishing.  A fresh coat of paint will do wonders to the interior appeal.

8. Cabinets and Countertops

Inspect, maintain and repair as required.  Make sure there is no missing hardware and that it all matches.  If necessary, a fresh coat of paint on the cabinet doors can make a world of change.

9. Under the House

Inspect the crawl space area under your home (if applicable). Look for leaks, wood rot, mold and termites.  Common problems are with bathroom sub-floors from leaky toilets, sinks, tubs and showers.  Toilets are the primary culprit with wax rings that have rotted over time.  Make sure your shower/tub areas are properly sealed so water does not enter from the outside.  Ensure all insulation is secure and is not coming down. Make all necessary repairs.  Wood rot to sub floors in bathrooms is a leading cause of failed CL-100 inspections.  Ensure that all wiring under the home is secure and that there are no missing junction box covers.

10. Electrical System

Have the electrical system main panel box inspected by a licensed electrician. Verify all breakers have proper amperage and that breaker manufacturers are not mixed.  Check that there is no damage to any of the wiring insulation. Verify that the electrical system and receptacles are up to code with GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) devices particularly in the kitchen and bathroom areas.

11. Sinks, Showers and Tubs

Fill all sinks, showers and tubs with water and let stand for a minimum of one hour.  Before draining, check the plumbing underneath sinks for leaks and under showers and tubs from the crawlspace (if applicable).  Inspect and make repairs as required.  Reference Item 9 above for additional comments.

12. Carpets and Wood Floors

Have the carpet professionally cleaned.  Be sure there are not folds and loose carpet.  Have a professional flooring company re-stretch and install if necessary.  Be sure wood flooring is steam cleaned and that all applicable trim is in place.                                                            

And don't forget about curb appeal.  Pressure wash the exterior of the house including porches/steps and sidewalks.  Remove any dead plants and trim all trees and shrubbery.  In the spring and summer be sure to water, fertilize and keep your lawn green, mowed and trimmed.  Fresh pine straw or mulch with annuals is always a pleasing sight for potential home buyers.  In fall and winter, plant hardy items that will provide color well into the late spring like Pansies, Snapdragons and Ornamental Kale. 

As a side note, if you are selling a home that has a well as its source of water, keep in mind that certain financing may require a passing water inspection.

Here is an excellent video on staging your home.


The Craig Realty Group can provide you with professional advice on curb appeal, staging and when to hire the professionals.  We are happy to meet with you and provide valuable assistance and advice while you prepare your home to sell in the spring. Simply scan the code below and then complete the information form and we will promptly contact you.  We provide first-rate service generating first-rate results!

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Your referrals help!! The Craig Group is a proud supporter of the Prisma Health Midland's Foundation's Cancer Center.  For every referral given to the Craig Group a portion of the commissions will be donated.https://goo.gl/QbDZz7